How to motivate yourself daily

Achieving anything in life depends on your attitude and motivation. But what kinds do you need? How should they work? And how can you keep them up over time?

In this post, we’ll examine the three types of self-motivation:

1) Push motivation: This type is forceful and repetitive. You have to use it when you are in a process of change. It is like a drill sergeant pushing a troop forward.

2) Pull motivation: This type is self-sustaining, and it’s continuous, sort of like turning on an engine. It works for something you want to do that feels good and right, so you keep coming back to it. Without it, you’ll stop before you even begin.

3) Balance motivation: This type allows you to channel the two previous types so that they complement each other.

While each of these types is valuable, you don’t just want to use one or two. The key to success is to balance the three so that they complement and reinforce each other. This is called integrative motivation, and it includes all motivational needs for a variety of situations. It ensures you can keep up your drive for the long haul.

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